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Antioch, CA, United States

Personal Information

Hi there, I am very naughty but i also have a kind side in me (I wish). I'm simple, honest, daring, HOT, DIRECT and ADVENTUROUS and PLAYFUL. I really love doing things that are out of the normal activities of some people. (I hope you know what i mean.) I'm impatient and I do what i want to do, when and how i want to do them. Sometimes I think i have the most erotic imagination in the world. I usually fantasize of swinger parties and I love the thought of being watched when i DO myself. (i hope someone will have the guts to tell me they want to watch me) I am versatile and willing especially when it comes to sex. I can do things you want me to do, as long as it fun and pleasurable to do. I love making guys crave for my hot body. I also think of many exciting new things that are possible to do to bring guys the pleasure they seek and i assure you i have never failed. I love mixing fun with pleasure. With all that, guys i can say that i am SIMPLY HORNY. So If you want to find release of your deepest sexual urges and fantasies? Im the kind of person you can count on as an outlet. I'll make you explode and feel heaven while watching me do things i love to do with myslef. Frankly, i dont want to be kept waiting, if i expect something out of someone because they said they could give it to me? I demand that they do. I dont want to waste my time with wusses. Are you man enough for me?    

I am seeking:
5' 4"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type: